November 30, 2021

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Why Opt for GIA Diamonds Rings for Wholesale Purchase?

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Tips For Buying Wholesale Diamonds With GIA Certification - The GIA Diamond

When purchasing diamonds be it retail or wholesale contacting the right company to by from is a relevant decision. A lot of stores can be searched on the internet and you can not tell immediately who is legit and who is not. Maybe some tips can help you find a supplier of a GIA diamonds rings for wholesale purchases. Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is a non-profit organization who are responsible for checking and educating both buyers and sellers on the authenticity of the diamonds in the market, this way they will be able to get their money’s worth.  

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Wholesale Certified Diamonds

Diamond Source

When looking for a source make sure that you’re dealing with a legit one. You can check a company’s credential via online by browsing at their websites and reading testimonials or previous reviews from their customers. In this way you can weigh their credibility  and be able to decide whom to approach. Talking to several sources is a good move so you can have options and you can compare which one can provide the diamond you need.

Check on the Diamond’s Quality 

Quality of a diamond can be measured by GIA diamond grading system: Here are what you have to check on:

Diamond Shape

Customers are very particular with the shape of diamond on their jewelries. Especially for engagement rings, that’s why it is relevant to be able to get from  a credible source , someone who can skillfully cut diamonds in  any shape you want. Skilled cutter can be able to cut diamonds without wasting too much from it. 

Diamond Carat Weight

Diamonds are priced per carat, bigger carats means higher price. Determine the commonly carat weight that customers buy. Full carats diamonds are more expensive, if you want to save select lower carats diamonds , for instance a 1. 9 carats is cheaper than a full 2 carats diamond. You can recommend this to your customer and both of you can benefit with it. He saves money but still gets the stone he wants and you can have his trust in return, with this he can recommend you to other customers.

Diamond Cut 

Check on the craftsmanship of your diamond source. To be able to know if they are good enough, check on their works if they are able to follow the standard measurements given for GIA  certified diamonds wholesale diamonds. Certified diamonds should be able to have the proper measurement based on the GIA grading chart. Each shape of diamonds has a certain standard measurement to follow. Make sure your diamond source is able to comply with this. 

Diamond Color 

Color matters most to diamonds, customers refer to the most colorless diamonds they can get. They are expensive but if they are willing to pay for it then why not? Presence of yellow or blue tint on the diamond can affect its quality, therefore getting the colorless ones can be best. K to N color grade diamonds can be good enough for practical customers. 

Diamond Clarity

Clarity of  diamond can reflect its brilliancy. Flawless diamonds are the best, but they come with a great price. Diamonds are graded according to how flawless they are when it comes to clarity. Find a source that can give you diamonds that have lesser inclusions, eye clean ones are good enough to impress customers. 

Diamond Certification 

Diamonds with a certificate can be a basis that you are buying are indeed legit and authentic. Make sure that the certificates are issued by Gemological Institute of America (GIA) that’s why they are called 

GIA certified diamonds. It means it has passed the test done by GIA, and they have the characteristics a diamond should have. 

Purchasing wholesale GIA diamonds needs you to be familiar with the properties of diamonds. Just think  of it as a part of your investment in getting  GIA diamonds rings for wholesale. Being wise enough to know what you should expect even before getting diamonds can be a smart move towards starting your diamond business right. Learn more about diamonds and you can find the perfect source or even find a partner instead. Someone whom you can grow your diamond business with.

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