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Best Reasons Why Web Design Matters For an E-Commerce Website

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Infintech Designs is a web design company that offers e-commerce web design servicesDo you ever wonder why e-commerce web design is an integral part of web design services offered by different companies in the industry?

E-Commerce web design solutions are applauded for the sales they generate for many local and international businesses. The increasing number of online stores has made it even more important to have a website to be a step ahead of competitors.

Now, websites are a business asset as it utilizes user-friendly navigation, seamless mobile-responsive design, and a conversion-optimized checkout process.

Why is Web Design Important to a Website?

A high-quality web design drives site traffic and increases conversions.  It impacts how your audience perceives your brand.  It will determine how you can get your visitors and how you will let them remain on your page.

The most important function a web design does for a website is to provide a good user experience and to help your website visitors access and navigate your website with ease.  It can significantly impact your internet marketing strategy.

What is an E-commerce Website Design?

E-commerce or electronic commerce refers to a business model that involves sales transactions being done on the web.  This is the structure being followed by both big or small businesses with an online shopping website.

An e-commerce website is any site where you can obtain items for sale over the internet.  The biggest and best examples of e-commerce are eBay and Amazon.  They are the grandfathers of e-commerce who paved the way to a newer and more convenient way of shopping.  Because of the success in e-commerce of these companies, e-commerce websites have become an easier and more preferred platform to a lot of consumers.

An e-commerce website design is different from an ordinary business or company website because of the different features that it supports.  It works pretty much like how a physical store works.  Users can purchase items and arrange for delivery and payments.

What Makes a Good E-Commerce Website Design?

The overall success of an e-commerce web design includes product quality, brand recognition, user experience, and trustworthiness.  It should be able to provide customers with a satisfying, friction-free experience that will make them come back time and again.

Keeping in mind that people will determine whether they like a website or not in just 50 milliseconds, here are essential user interface e-commerce web design tips:

  • Follow your brand identity to ensure a consistent brand experience across all channels, whether online, in-store, or on a mobile device.  This will also help build a strong brand-customer relationship.
  • Adopt visual hierarchy by displaying the most critical content above the fold and using less white space to bring items closer.
  • Avoid over designing by limiting font formats.  Just make sure that the content is as clear as possible.
  • Use known icons or symbols that are easy to identify to prevent confusion.  You can also provide labels for icons.
  • Avoid pop-up windows that can be a distraction.  It will not enhance their user experience.

What is the most important thing in website design?  User experience can be one of the biggest factors that you should consider when designing an e-commerce website.  It definitely defines why web design matters in an e-commerce website.

Here are  key aspects of an e-commerce web design that significantly improves user experience through frictionless e-commerce site navigation:

  • Well-defined product categories
  • Product search function
  • Filtering products
  • Product quick view
  • Special offers

When your shoppers successfully find the product they want on your site, you should present the product in a way that will make them buy.  Design a product page on your e-commerce site that creates an experience similar to an in-person experience as much as possible.  Here’s how to do it:

  • Provide great product images
  • Give just the right amount of product information
  • Employ persuasive design
  • Show related and recommended products

A Frictionless Experience on an E-commerce Website

The best e-commerce web design will provide a frictionless experience for every customer that visits the website.  Remember that your goal is to provide the best online shopping experience for every visitor on your site so that they will convert to paying customers.  This is why web design matters in an e-commerce website.  A great web design will build a great e-commerce user experience that is professional, attractive, and user-friendly.

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